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Disclaimer from the Author

We like to take this opportunity to first thank you for considering, reading and/or purchasing this book.  

Also, we want to bring your attention to a very interesting discovery we made years past, when our kids were small.  

On our many family outings, we went for a visit to a local flea market.  There, our kids discovered a vendor who was selling small turtles.  Of course, they fell in love with those cute little, tiny turtles.  Moreover, they wanted them sooo badly that it was pretty heart breaking not to get them!

Fortunately, for us, our budget would not permit the purchase of those cute reptiles.  All that our kids would talk about was buying and taking care of those cute, tiny pets.  They carried on for many days there after.  It was then that the "idea of BluBerrie" was born.

We began telling them stories of the many adventures of this tiny, cute turtle we called, "BluBerrie" in order to relieve their disappointment.  It was, for them, a wonderful alternative.

Nevertheless, back in 1970, a report came out that those cute, small and tiny turtles could cause Salmonella, bacteria that cause a human disease called salmonellosis; and soon after it became illegal to buy small turtles.  

We would like to warn anyone thinking of buying a pet turtle to check into it before doing so.

It is with fond hope that these fictional BluBerrie stories will provide an alternative for the real thing and NOT an endorsement for the suitability of owning turtles as a pet.