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BluBerrie: The Gallery- A Fun School Field Trip Adventure


Jimmy Boyd is ecstatic to find a drone in his backyard one morning. Unfortunately, he can’t play with his new toy, because he has to hurry to school for the class field trip to the art gallery. He leaves the drone hidden where no one will find it… No one except for his tiny, tiniest turtle, BluBerrie that is. BluBerrie loves to follow Jimmy on his adventures, and this new toy seems like the perfect opportunity! At the art gallery, Jimmy and his classmate, Cindy Sue, meets a famous artist, Loco-Moco. However, when BluBerrie arrives and gets them into trouble, they also uncover a secret about Loco-Moco and his artwork. It’s up to Jimmy, Cindy Sue, and BluBerrie to expose the truth—but will doing so land them in even more trouble?

Makes a Great Gift for Storytellers. Now with Larger format and more pictures!

BluBerrie chapter books are best read aloud by an adult. Scattered throughout, one will find highlighted breaks to allow for questions, responses, and interaction from the listeners. It encourages the reader to add their own breaks and comments to motivate the young listeners to take part. Here's a tip the author uses: "I stop reading and then ask a question, 'Does anyone care to find out what happens next?'"

Have fun reading aloud the new BluBerrie Series of Children's Books.  CLICK TO BUY.