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The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed

 Not An Ordinary Horse's Tale

Publishes September 2, 2019 | by James O. Youngcliff

Young Pepino is the sole provider for his family after his father was mauled by a puma. So when he encounters a magical golden filly in the forest, he can’t resist going after her—that much gold could make his family rich.

 Strawflower, the talking golden horse, is used to being pursued by hunters. But now she faces a new challenge—Onyx, the puma who killed Pepino’s father, is now hunting Strawflower. And he isn’t hunting on his own; he’s the servant of an evil witch who knows Strawflower’s secret and is determined to capture her.

 As Strawflower flees pursuers on all sides, Pepino is caught up in the chaos.  United by a mutual enemy, Strawflower and Pepino must escape Onyx and defeat the witch. But the secret Strawflower is hiding may change everything.…

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