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The Pickled Man – Young Adult Horror Story


The last thing Todd Paul wants to do with his summer is spend it in forced isolation with his parents at The Survivalist’s Paradise, a woodsy vacation retreat for the old and the wealthy. In the year 2078, space shuttles offer much more interesting trips for a teenager, but his parents insist upon staying in Old’s Ville. What’s worse is that Todd will have to see Colonel T, the strange old man who owns the camp. The colonel gave Todd a bizarre gift last year: a nasty pickle jar and a sinister warning to fill
it with fresh water, or bad things would happen.

Todd didn’t pay much attention to the colonel’s
warning—but now that he’s back at camp, that
mistake comes back to haunt him. The more
he learns about the colonel, the jar, and the
disturbing creature inside it, the closer he
comes to uncovering a horrible truth about his
parents and himself.

Unseal the jar, and seal your fate…

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the pickled man-description