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Take a Fun Adventure –  BLUBERRIE: The Party

If you enjoy storytelling then BluBerrie's illustrated and fun-filled chapter adventures place your young minds on a roller coaster ride path to growing, sharing, responsibility, and imagination. BluBerrie is a mischievous little turtle that gets into a lot of scary situations and hilarious predicaments. She helps the young listeners to enjoy the characters as they go through their many experiences that need choices; some good, some not.

“The Party,” is the first book in the BluBerrie Series. We discover how far BluBerrie goes to upturn the lives of these young kids by being a member of their family of friends. Hopping and jumping in and out of extraordinary and impossible thought-provoking challenges, she sets the stage for the listener's imagination to take off and fill in the gaps. In this book, BluBerrie wants to party. So she invites herself to a party given by Cindy Sue, when Jimmy goes the party.

Once again, the author delights in providing a surprise ending that will leave the young listeners wondering and wanting more BluBerrie stories. “The Party” has many colorful illustrations throughout to help youngsters with the visualization of the characters and action. All drawn by the author himself, a surrealist painter and illustrator.

-- Makes a Great Gift for Storytellers and Their Family --

BluBerrie chapter books are best read aloud by an adult. Scattered throughout, one will find highlighted breaks to allow for questions, responses, and interaction from the listeners. It encourages the reader to add their own breaks and comments to motivate the young listeners to take part. Here's a tip the author uses: "I stop reading and then ask a question, 'Does anyone care to find out what happens next?'"

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