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Prospective E-Book buyers should review this information in its entirety. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding and constitute the entire agreement between the Seller and Buyer with respect to the purchase of products through this website.

Refund Policy

Our return policy is very simple because of the inherit nature of digital works it is almost impossible to give a blanket return policy.  BluBerrieBooks.com in conjunction with the writer, James O. Youngcliff will review each request on an individual basis.  

Naturally, we will abide with current PayPal’s policies on any returns.

Obviously, if you are not fully satisfied with our product, we can come to some amiable solution for both parties and refunds will be most certainly given.  All copies of the E-Books must be deleted from any and/or all dives or storage.

Refund Acknowledgements

All pertain information must accompany request for a refund. Please note that all refunds will be provided via PayPal refund policy rules and arbitration rules, if so applicable. Refunding the purchase price is the full & final remedy for a complaint, return, or damage claims.

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